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Prevention Of The Genital Warts

Genital warts are caused by varying strains of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). This is a sexually transmitted infection and is highly contagious among sexually active individuals and has no treatment as it remains in the bloodstream for life. Genital warts occur on the penile shaft, on the scrotum, in the vagina, on the vulva, on the anus area and the upper thigh region in humans. Genital HPV virus causes the development of cancerous cells that may result in penile, cervical, vaginal or anal cancers. There are several ways in which to prevent one from getting genital warts;


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HPV vaccines such as Gardasil and Cervarix have been offered against major HPV strains. The vaccination is offered for individuals between the ages of nine to twenty-six (9-26) years of age. These vaccines are also used to immunize against cervical and anal cancers. The vaccine should be given before the individual becomes sexually active and are administered in three-shot series over a span of six months.

Using a condom

Condoms provide high levels of protection against HPV infections.  This is because they assist to reduce skin to skin contact which would facilitate the transmission of HPV or the spread of genital warts. It is recommended to use condoms especially when engaging in vaginal, oral and anal sex as this controls and prevents one from contracting HPV.

Avoid sharing sex toys

It is very easy to transmit HPV through sharing of sex toys. Sex toys can carry viruses and bacteria spreading them when used among several individuals. To avoid HPV infection, one should desist from sharing the sex toys or thoroughly clean and sterilize them. Moreover, when sharing a sex toy, it is advisable to use a condom.

Healthy diets

A well-balanced diet can assist to prevent against various diseases including genital warts. They assist in building the body’s immune system to fight against viral infections such as HPV.

Avoid multiple sexual partners

Having one trustworthy sexual partner can assist prevent one from contracting HPV which causes genital warts. Having multiple sexual partners exposes one to HPV infections to a higher degree of risk this is because these sexual partners might be infected with HPV which causes the spread of genital warts.

Regular scans

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It is recommendable to undergo regular checks. Women should, in particular, undergo pap smear, especially in their genitals. This is because HPV has a long incubation period hence other viral infections may expose one to contracting it. You can also click here for the best way to remove genital warts.…

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