What Causes Depression In Women

You can be able to handle depression if you learn more about it. Depression disorders affect a large population of people. It is a complex disease with physical and psychological symptoms. The most prominent symptom is sadness or depressed mood level. One feels hopelessness, negative emotions, suicidal tendencies, and anxiety. It happens to anyone, so it should be seriously handled because it affects an individual mental or physical health. This condition affects not only the one who is sick but also the entire family and friends.

According to several studies that have been done, women are more vulnerable to depression than men. As per National Institute of Mental Health, women are affected with depression more than men because of their social and biological factors. The following are reasons why women are at a high risk of depression.

Hormonal changesunhappy old woman

As opposed to men, women undergo a lot of hormonal changes. For instance, a woman has to deal with mood swings when it becomes hard for them to bond with their babies during pregnancy or after they have given birth. Or a woman undergoes emotional feelings which include depression, irritation, and sadness during menopause. Women are often at a high risk of depression because of the high level of stress they undergo due to hormonal changes.

Increased worry and stress

Stress is a primary factor that affects women more. A high percentage of women face issues like domestic violence, assaults, and sexual abuse. These all problems may result to negative emotions due to the long-term effect on the brain. Women are likely to experience depression when they undergo an extended period of extreme sadness or loss of self-confidence.

Issues related to body image

worried womanLadies are more affected when it comes to body related problems, especially when they are undergoing the adolescence stage which in the long run leads to depression. At the puberty stage, many girls experience mental and physical changes which play a significant role in affecting the relationships, lifestyle or coping skills which lead to depression.

Loss of social support system

For women to lead a happy life, they need more support and care than men. Therefore ladies can be greatly affected by losing a support system whether in the form of relatives, friends or loved one. This may impact their health majorly which if not controlled will cause depression.

Depression is a serious condition which people should be on the lookout for to help their friends or loved ones from this situation.