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Natural Remedies For Cough Relief

Coughing is not a comfortable feeling; it makes your drowsy and prevents you from doing your normal daily activities. You may have a chronic cough or an acute one. An acute cough is associated with cold and flu, and it may cover three weeks while a chronic cough may exceed three weeks. For all types of coughs their several ways you can treat it ranging from natural to medical.

Natural cough remedies are different from medical solutions. Some medical treatments offer temporary relief while the natural remedies offer permanent cough relief. That is the reason most individuals prefer to use natural remedies than medical to relief their coughs. The following are some natural remedies you might try to relief your cough.

Lemon and ginger rootLime chilies pepper and ginger

This is a kind of natural cough relief that is found in people’s kitchens. You will require to grating your ginger and┬áslicing your lemon to small sizes. There is no need of peeling these ingredients. Add water to these ingredients and let them boil. Take a spoonful of honey to add taste to your solution, then drink while it is hot for the best results.

White pepper and honey

Honey and white pepper is another great ingredient that can help your relief your cough. Take one full tablespoon of honey and mix it with a pinch of white pepper or you can top the honey with the pepper and then take the mixture orally.

Raspberry jam and lemon juice

It is a good natural concoction for relieving a cough. Just prepare a hot lemon juice tea, or you can use raspberry jam. You will like the way this remedy is effective when taken while it is hot.

Honey and some alcohol

Take a full tablespoon of honey and top it a small amount of vodka. It is one of the greatest remedies for relieving you a cough, and it is better to take this medication before going to bed. You will be surprised how this mixture works fast and very efficient.

Cayenne pepper

woman sneezingTry to take a small amount of red cayenne pepper, or you can use a quarter teaspoon of red cayenne pepper, ground ginger, honey, two tablespoons of water, and apple cider vinegar. Mix all these ingredients to make a natural remedy for your cough.

It is important to know the healing properties of some few ingredients which are in our homes are used in spicing our food. The common cough ingredients that are found in our kitchens include honey, lemon, basil, ginger, and vinegar.…

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