Man riding mountain bike

Features Of A Good Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes have same features like other bikes. They incorporate characteristics and designs that are meant to help in the durability and improvement of the performance in rough terrain. They are often ridden on terrain that has rocks, roots, and steep grades. For you to get yourself a perfect mountain bikes, there are some of the features that you need to look at. Here are some of the features of a good mountain bike.

Front or full suspension fork

mountain bike on small roadThe suspension fork makes riding easier and less physically stressful. Many mountain bikes are integrated with a full suspension fork; this means the front and rear wheel have shock absorbers. Shock absorbers provide smooth riding as the bike moves up and down the mountain, this is made possible in that the wheels will be able to absorb the forces causing obstacles on the tires. The dual suspension helps solve the problem of bouncing up of the wheels and lose of speed.

Large knobby tires

Large tires are always the best for you bike since they provide a large surface area. They offer the best rolling speed in the corners. A tire with a larger diameter has less resistance than ones with smaller ones; this gives an easier ride over a terrain. The easier the ride, the lesser the energy used hence large knobby tires conserve one’s energy. Larger tires provide high attack angle than smaller one hence you can cross more obstacles.

More durable wheels

Durable wheels have many advantages to the owner; it saves one’s money. Durable bikes use large suspension clearance and the high bottom brackets to move down the hills at very dangerous speeds. This is able because of the strength of the wheel.

More powerful brakes

The kind of break you buy depend on the type of ride you do. Having a powerful brake is a fundamental thing, in that it enable one to stop quickly. A good brake is that allows you to put down enough power for deceleration.


man on mountain bikeYou also need to make sure that you buy a mountain bike that will give you that comfortability that you deserve. One thing that you need to understand is that some adventures can never be successful unless you are comfortable. This, therefore, tells you that you need to make sure that you are comfortable with the climbing gears that your buy. One way of knowing that you will be comfortable with the bike that you buy is by testing it out first. Think about your journey and work towards ensuring that it will be comfortable…

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